AlixPartners Leadership Survey

AlixPartners  4th Annual Private Equity Leadership survey probes the views of PE investors and portfolio company CEOs and CFOs on a wide variety of leadership topics.  This year’s survey found that “misaligment on strategy and strategy execution” was cited by both investors and management (CEOs and CEOs) as one of the top three signs of trouble in the working relationship among them. 

Resolute Advisory Services’ Focus on Value project can be an important tool in avoiding this common relationship-crippling problem.  The project is a systematic approach to linking the strategies that were the underpinning of the investment thesis to management initiatives.  It ensures that investors and management are bought into the priority of the programs that are on management’s agenda, and programs that don’t enjoy the shared support of the leadership team are highlighted for resolution.  Undertaking a Focus on Value project upon closing the transaction ensure that the management agenda is aligned as soon as possible, accelerating the realization of the strategic vision that drove the tranaction in the first place.

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